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3 Days to Unstuck - Get Action on Your Creative Passions

Are you an artistic soul struggling with anxiety and overwhelm?

Do you find yourself shutting down rather than getting excited about your dreams?

Do you feel as though you're alone, lost in the wilderness with all of your ideas?

If you're an aspiring writer, musician, filmmaker, visual artist, poet, entrepreneur or other creative type who's unhappy with your current lack of progress, this mini-challenge is for you.

Using the philosophy found in the book "Ten Tiny Things," you'll take in the big picture with an inventory of your creative self, and then drill down to the tiny yet mighty ideas that provide clarity, direction and momentum.

This challenge is set up as a 3 day course - three full days of content complete with video clips, community accountability and a downloadable workbook to help move you through the process.

Set aside a long weekend for some self-love and get some action on your creative passions.