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"Coping With Creative Anxiety" - Mini-Workshop at the WriteSpeak Telesummit with Barbara Sher

{UPDATE] Listen to my free 30 minute mini-workshop here!

Writers, artists and creative entrepreneurs often struggle with motivation, even when we desperately want to achieve our dreams. Some of us remain trapped in a steady state of inaction for months, years or even decades. Often the creative process leaves us feeling like our next steps are uncertain or downright dangerous to our very vulnerable inner selves. How do we move forward when our fears and anxieties are out to save us from ourselves? This workshop unpacks some of the most common forms of anxiety that can sideline creatives and stop us from making our ideas real. If you're trying to jumpstart a stalled creative project, we'll identify what's blocking your path and discuss strategies for outwitting your overprotective brain.

I’m launching my new nonfiction book, “Ten Tiny Things” during the workshop, too. It will be available for pre-order at a special price for event attendees and there’s even a special added bonus for those who pre-order during the telesummit.

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I’m also acting as MC for a few of the workshops during this day long event. So I am in the know that we also have a treasure trove of prizes, book reviews, special bonuses and an entire day of inspiration and motivation.

Watch this space for the full schedule and a link to join me for this entirely online & FREE event.

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